Selecting a Builder: Expert Advice for Finding the Right Project Partner

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The importance of selecting a builder you trust

Large-scale property development often comes down to dollars and cents. Budgets are incredibly important, but that doesn’t mean you should look for the cheapest builders available. In fact, using a skilled builder for developers can save you plenty of money over the life of a construction project. An experienced property development builder can mean the difference between project success and failure, from keeping projects on track to sourcing the most cost-effective materials and contractors. As we’ll discuss in this article, though, there are many considerations when choosing the right builder.


How to choose the right builder

The goal of every construction development project is to make a profit. Groove Properties has worked with countless developers who understand the value of selecting a builder that’s right for the job. That’s why we tailor our services to our client’s needs. But how do you really know if you’ve found an experienced builder for muti-dwelling development? Here are some things to consider when choosing a development partner.

Establishing trust is essential

The relationship between the builder and the project owner requires a high level of trust. As a developer, you must know that your investment is safe. As they say, trust is earned, not given, so you’ll need to trust your instincts to determine whether a builder is reliable and genuine. Trust is vital because developers rely on builders to keep them in the loop and manage the construction effectively.

You can assess a builder’s trustworthiness in early meetings, as this is where you can determine if the builder’s vision aligns with yours. Builders should also have a strong knowledge of construction value management, which is the process of finding cost savings and efficiencies. You must be able to trust the builder’s recommendations and be confident they’re always acting in your best interests. 


Assessing financial stability

We’ve all heard horror stories about building company collapses. It’s a sad reality of the current climate, but it’s one that developers must be particularly mindful of. Perhaps the worst-case scenario for a developer is being left with half-completed projects when their builder goes out of business. This means huge delays while you find another construction team, and it almost certainly blows your budget out of the water.

There isn’t necessarily an easy way to judge a builder’s financial stability, but there are some key indicators to look for. Longevity in operation is one. If they’ve got a long history of successful projects, they should be financially stable. Online searches are great because you can check reviews, seek recommendations from friends and family, and even hear testimonials from previous clients. Word often gets around in the local industry if builders are experiencing financial problems, so it really pays to do as much research as you can to protect your investment.

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Carefully review their workmanship

Most experienced property developers prioritise value for money over the cheapest price. Everybody’s reputation is at stake on large projects, from the developer trying to sell townhouses to the builder constructing them. If you’re a developer who values quality workmanship over the lowest price, then it pays to do your research.

Most builders have examples of previous projects they can share with you. They can usually even meet you in an area they’ve already completed similar projects. This gives you a chance to see the quality of their workmanship first-hand.

Strong communication skills

Miscommunication in large-scale property development typically leads to budget or timeline issues. When choosing a builder, ensure they have exceptional communication skills. You can get an idea of this from the first phone call or meeting. Builders should be responsive, easy to contact and willing to communicate throughout the entire process.As a property developer, you already know how involved you want to be in the daily construction side of things. That’s why you need a builder who keeps you in the loop for the duration.


Look for experience on similar projects

Most builders who are confident in their abilities will tell you they can easily handle your development project. But without evidence of this, it’s a big gamble. Property development builders typically have a certain skill set that not all builders have. Experience in townhouse building or property development is essential, because the project management aspect can’t be understated. You need builders who have worked with developers before and understand the entire process.

So, while many residential builders have the technical skills to build your properties, they may not have the project management skills to go with it. Do they understand all the development approval processes? Do they have a reliable network of subcontractors who are also experienced on large projects? Don’t be afraid to ask for evidence, and even ask to hold a meeting at one of their current job sites so you can get a feel for their work.

Need help selecting a builder for your next project?

Groove Properties offers experienced developers complete property development, design, construction, and project management services. We value strong relationships with our clients, and have worked hard to bring together a network of skilled professionals we trust. As builders and property developers ourselves, we understand the pressures of large-scale projects. When selecting a builder, consider Groove Properties as your first call. We’d love to discuss your needs and share some of our previous work with you. Whether you’re in New Farm, Hawthorne or any surrounding areas, choosing a home builder is as easy as picking up the phone.

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Table of Contents

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