The 6 Important Stages of Building Construction Project Management

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What is building construction project management?

Building construction project management involves coordinating all aspects of a development project. Project managers are responsible for planning, designing, budgeting, procurement and driving high construction standards throughout the build.

A trusted project management team monitors progress, manages people, deals with regulatory bodies, and ensures the whole project is completed on time and within budget.


Who is involved in the construction project management process?

Every major construction project involves multiple stakeholders. From the people financing the project to those completing the final construction, it takes many hands to realise a vision. Each project is different, but these are the usual stakeholders involved in property development.

Project owner

All construction development projects are funded from somewhere. This could be a development company, a partnership, or a single person financing the project. In simple terms, the project owner commissions and pays for the project. They will likely have a lot of input into key decision-making but may be less involved in the day-to-day running of the project.

Every owner and project manager relationship is different, as some owners like to be heavily involved, and others prefer to let construction experts take over. There’s no right or wrong way to navigate this, as long as everybody’s expectations are clear before the project begins.


Construction project manager

A construction project manager basically runs the entire project on behalf of the owner. They’re responsible for high-level aspects such as planning, budgeting, coordinating tradespeople, sourcing materials, securing permits, etc. The project manager can work in an off-site office or on-site if required, this usually depends on the project’s needs.

Building construction project management requires extensive industry experience and the ability to juggle several competing priorities at any given time. Importantly, the project manager is also the point of contact for owners and other stakeholders throughout the build.

building construction project management

General contractor

Most project managers don’t control every daily aspect of a build, and this is why they bring in specialist general contractors such as builders. An experienced townhouse builder can oversee all of the job’s daily operations and communicate with the project manager as necessary.

Your general contractor might coordinate with other tradespeople, supply the tools and equipment, and enforce safety regulations on-site.

The 6 important stages of building construction project management

Not all construction projects are the same, but they usually follow a series of different life cycles. Skilled property development project managers can streamline processes, meaning there may be aspects of multiple development phases occurring at once. However, here are the standard stages of project management for construction projects.



The design stage is where the project really begins. Key stakeholders typically meet to discuss their goals and expectations. A timeline and budget should be developed early on, allowing project owners to approve what they need to. The design stage is extensive, including bringing together important documents such as contracts, drawings and feasibility reports.

Once the design is finalised, the project can move into a more detailed planning stage.



The design and planning stages often run side-by-side, but the crucial difference is the design stage focuses on construction plans and overall project scope, planning gets into the finer details. The construction manager should collect and manage all permits and related documentation during this stage and prepare a risk management plan.

In the planning stage, the project manager prepares site plans, schedules, and a complete breakdown of the project and its scope. This is to ensure everybody understands timelines and their own responsibilities during the project.

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Thanks to careful planning, your construction manager now understands everything they must procure to make the project a success. They might go through a bidding process for things like materials, equipment and labour, or they can work with professionals they already know.

This is the time to submit orders, arrange deliveries and finalise contracts with suppliers. Your project manager will also schedule any subcontractors or trades professionals at this stage.


Construction can begin at this point, usually starting with activities such as site cleanups and preparation. It might seem that it’s full-steam ahead by now, and it certainly can be. However, as construction begins, project managers and key stakeholders will still be meeting to evaluate performance against key indicators, notably budget and timeline. This should continue throughout the project to reduce the risk of budget blowouts or unnecessary delays. During the entire construction process, communication between key stakeholders is essential.

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As the development project nears its end, the construction team begins testing and thoroughly inspecting all aspects of the build. Basically, this is a chance to refer back to the original plans to ensure everything meets the initial project requirements. In some ways, it’s a final chance for construction project managers and owners to confirm they are satisfied with the results.


Project completion

The work doesn’t stop when the project is completed. This is a chance for construction teams to comprehensively review the project. The project owner typically provides feedback, and all key parties are involved in the process. While the project completion stage is a chance to celebrate your success, it’s also a chance to review processes and performance to identify improvement opportunities in the future.


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Table of Contents

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