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Commercial Real Estate Development Process
Ultimate Guide to the Commercial Real Estate Development Process
What is commercial real estate development? In simple terms, commercial real estate development refers to the construction of buildings for commercial means. Typically, commercial property developers lease their properties to a third party for financial...
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DA approval process brisbane
What is the Difference Between BA and DA?
What is Development Approval (DA)? As you would be aware, all councils and states have slightly different rules about what can be built where. From zoning regulations to guidelines in specific suburbs, navigating the development approval (DA) process...
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multi unit development carina heights
Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Next Multi-Unit Development
For experienced property investors, multi-unit development is a great way to maximise a piece of land and profit from it. Working with experienced multi-unit builders, a developer can do very well out of each development, but there are a few things to...
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How to Succeed in Property Development: Insights from Accomplished Developers
Property development can be a great way to start building wealth, but it also takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to get it right. You require a clear strategy, a solid understanding of real estate and development markets, and a reliable team to bring...
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Townhouse development brisbane
How to Begin Your Townhouse Development: 5 Essential Insights
Townhouse development is an exciting but daunting process. If you’re a property developer who has tried to build townhomes before, you’ll already know there are many moving parts and factors that affect your profitability. When you invest in property...
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9 Tips on How to Choose a Builder for Your Property Development
Building new homes for property developers is vastly different from building for homeowners. While, of course, the actual building skills are quite transferrable, the process is different. Building for developers requires a deep understanding of the entire...
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